Help Your Child Graduate With a Diploma and a Plan  

Many high school students do not have a career plan that directs their steps towards a career immediately after graduation.

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Whether attending college or going directly into the workforce after graduation The After Graduation Plan Workbook provides students with the career mapping tool and information, they need to create a career action plan today.


The After Graduation Plan Helps Students: 

Overcome Potential Barriers to their success
The After Graduation Plan Workbook  helps students overcome potential barriers to success, such as low GPA, low SAT/ACT score, or limited financial resources.
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Every student can attain their career goals despite their circumstance, and The After Graduation Plan Workbook  was designed to show them how.

Create a career action plan they can use

The After Graduation Plan is a career mapping tool that allows students to plan specifically for the transition period after high school graduation.

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Graduates can take everything they have learned about their career interests and their college preparation skills to plan their steps towards a career in a more specific and detailed way. 

develop and redefine in the essential skill of life planning

The After Graduation Plan helps students develop and refine the skill of life planning.

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By helping students choose a long-term goal (attaining a career) and strategically plan to achieve that goal by planning and attaining short-term goals. 

For example, a student with the goal of becoming a surgeon can move towards this goal by volunteering at a hospital.   

We Understand The Stress of Wanting to Help, But Not Knowing How
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We know you want the best for your child’s future, but as they prepare to transition from high school, you may not know how to continue to support their success with their long-term career goals.

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The After Graduation Plan (AGP) Workbook is a great resource with tools available for you to equip your child further as they prepare for a career. You remained committed and dedicated to your child’s success through primary school, don’t stop now! Provide your child with The AGP career mapping tool they need.


Helping Students Plan Today for a Better Tomorrow


Here at Lightwork Publishing, we know you are dedicated to the success of your child. You desire that your child succeed academically and then professionally in their chosen career. However, as you assist your child on their path to a career, it is essential to have the right career planning tools. 

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Unfortunately, many career advisors and planning programs are expensive, difficult to use, difficult to find, and may not address the serious barriers you and your child may need to navigate (financial, academic, motivation, etc., to move forward towards success). Affordable, easy-to-use, easy-to-find career planning tools and resources should be available to every high school graduate. 

This is why we created the career mapping tool The After Graduation Plan, The After Graduation Plan Workbook (AGP), and The After Graduation Plan E-Workbook. You can provide your graduate with the resources they need in three (3) easy steps. This is how it works: (1) Place order online, (2) receive The After Graduation Plan Workbook in the mail, and (3) start your child down a successful path to a career after graduation.

Professional Review

“I found ‘The After Graduation Plan’ to serve as an amazing tool for both pre and post graduates of high school. The information offers a young adult or adults assisting young adults with examples of practical pathways for positioning themselves for the future workforce. This book does not fail its reader in crafting a more thorough plan for proceeding forward and avoiding so many of the common mistakes.

As a former college and career readiness mentor, I would highly recommend this gem to students, parents, guidance counselors and college enrollment consultants.”

Johnnie Williams III, The Encouragement Specialist

Order Your Child The Career Planning Tools They Need In Three Easy Steps:

2. Receive The After Graduation Plan Worbook in the mail
3. Start your child down a clear path to a career with confidence

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The After 
Graduation Plan  

The AGP workbook provides information about the numerous opportunities available to all dedicated and committed high school graduates, regardless of GPA, SAT/ACT score, financial resources, or past academic performance. 


The After Graduation Plan: What Every High School Senior Needs

The After Graduation Plan Workbook is Available now!

The After Graduation Plan:
College is a
Pathway , Not a Destination

If college is not the destination, what is? Click the video below and find out! 

The After Graduation Plan Workbook is Available now!

The After Graduation Plan will be someone’s life-changing moment!

-Workforce Development Specialist & Parent 

The After Graduation Plan Workbook provides great worksheets that empower students to identify their goals and be strategic on accomplishing them as they move toward their next destination in life.

-Physician & Parent

I absolutely recommend The After Graduation Plan workbook to students! 

– High School Teacher & Parent

I was blown away!

– Entrepreneur & Parent

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